Fruit as fresh, as good, as delicious

Armed with humble beginnings and a passion to let you enjoy fresh fruit shakes made on the spot, our Fruitas crew lets you handpick the fruit of your choice. Fresh is good. Fresh is delicious. Fresh is more vitamins and minerals.

Deliciously Feel Good Snack

Once you’ve tasted it you will never forget Jamaican Patties in Original Beef, Beef Pinatubo, Cheezy Beef, Cheezy Beef Pinatubo, and more! These patties are freshly baked everyday perfect for dine-in and take-out. A bit of warning though, these snacks are addicting, so it’s better to stock up in your freezer to satisfy those unexpected Jamaican Pattie cravings!

Buko-inspired Fruitas Shakes and more

When you need that beach feel in the city, have some Buko ni Fruitas! Our all-natural buko juices and fresh fruit salads in buko shells will instantly transport you to an island getaway.

Natural Lemon-made Lemonades with a Twist

Lemonades have never been healthier and more exciting!

In our quest to promote 100% health and wellness, Johnn Lemon—an exciting lemon juice bar concept offers a new twist of lemon combinations with ginger, green tea, watermelon, kiwi, and more.

Everything Sweet Nature Has To Offer

Experience Fruitas, Buko ni Fruitas, Black Pearl and Fruitas Ice Candy all in one venue at the House of Desserts. A one-stop dining setting where the whole family can enjoy fresh fruit shakes, buko desserts, yummy and gummy sago shakes and ice candy treats.

Taste the Island Life

With 27°C average temperature in the Philippines, nothing beats the smooth and refreshing taste of fresh buko shakes and ready-to-drink juices at Buko Loco. Go grab one with a mix of milk, pandan, melon, and more

Playful Indulgence in a Cup

One of the pioneers in the sago craze, Black Pearl offers exciting flavors with yummy and gummy sago to delight your sweet cravings while you are on the go. Check out our bestsellers: chocolate, cookies and cream and mocha shakes.

This Way to Look and Feel Good

Indulge in the delicious fruit blends inspired by different locations in the Philippines and abroad. Start your journey at Calle Escolta, Rizal Avenue, or EDSA and add your choice of milk or vanilla ice cream. This is the way to happiness in a cup.

Affordable Yogurt with Real Fruits

Fancie yogurt is your next guilt-free pleasure! Packed with calcium, Fancie yogurt is topped with real bits of fruits and sweets at an affordable price.

The One-stop Shop for Your Mango Shakes and Dessert Cravings

Can’t get enough of the world’s sweetest mango? Head to the Mango Farm, we make your all-time favorite fresh yellow and green mango shakes and heavenly desserts in a jiffy.

The Milk Tea with a Bite

Tea-rex is a modern tea beverage shop that uses natural, loose tea leaves to serve hot and cold tea mixes. Drink up and enjoy the benefits of tea.

The Modern Take on Cotton Candy

Cindy’s Candy Cloud is a modern take on the classic cotton candy; a sweet treat for kids and a taste of nostalgia for the kids-at-heart. Satisfy sweet cravings with a number of cloud flavors to choose: Plain, Pineapple, Lemon, Strawberry, Banana, Orange, and Ube. This fluffy confection also comes in various fun shapes from flowers and hearts to animals and cartoon characters.

Authentic Chinese Hand-pulled Noodles and Other Oriental Favorites

Shou offers authentic Chinese hand-pulled noodles, dimsum, and rice toppings made with our very own secret recipe. Always fresh, you can see your noodles prepared right in front of you!

The Cool Fresh Treat from Your Childhood

Now, you can enjoy fresh fruit-based ice candies in major shopping malls at Fruitas Ice Candy. Sip in the goodness of mango, avocado, buko, and melon and bring back your happy childhood memories.

Your Food Park Away from the Hustle and Bustle of the City

Located in Quezon City, 150 Maginhawa Food Park provides great ambiance of greenery as well as offer diverse food selections that will surely provide urbanites the ultimate relaxation after a day full of activities and stress.

The Fun-Flavoured Fries

After a grueling day at school or work, all you need to turn things around is to unwind with your friends at Friends Fries. Share the stories and the amazing flavored fries in plain salt, cheese, sour cream & onion, and barbecue.

Jamaican Pattie, Pizza, and More

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or just looking for seriously good food, Jammin’ Jamaica is what you’re looking for! Grab a bite of their Jamaican Beef Pattie or try out their burger and pizza with Voodoo sauce.

A Lifestyle Food Park Inspired by the Night Markets of France

Conveniently located along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue in Quezon City, Le Village offers a relaxing ambiance of picturesque environment paired with wide variety of food choices. Celebrate good food, wine, music, and camaraderie with the company of friends and family.

Cheers to an Awesome Food Trip

Enjoy dining with family and friends with a drink or two! Located inside 150 Maginhawa Food Park, Cellar 150 offers authentic French wines, local and international beers, brick-oven pizza, cold cuts, and cheese.

The Different Sides of Halo Halo

Get set to experience the different halo halo versions of the Philippines in just one sitting. Head to the nearest 7,107 Halo Halo Islands and indulge in the Philippine’s favorite dessert in authentic provincial recipes. No need for air fare and hotel booking to taste the halo-halo La Union, Boracay, Baguio and Davao are proud of. Ready?