Daniel Matsunaga: Making His Dreams Come True in the Philippines

When one hears the name Daniel Matsunaga, two things come to mind: model and showbiz. But this Brazilian Japanese hunk is also a true Pinoy at heart. At the age of 16, he left Brazil with his sister to pursue better opportunities abroad. And looks like he finally found his dream here in the Philippines.

By winning the Pinoy Big Brother All In last year, Daniel is now living his dream to be a full-fledged businessman, as he is now a very enthusiastic franchisee of the country’s largest buko shake and juice cart distribution, Buko Loco of the Fruitas Group. For Daniel, Buko Loco is the perfect business concept that matches his hectic urban and fit lifestyle.

A professional football player in his home country, Daniel is intrinsically primed for success with his do-it-all attitude and positive demeanor.